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Social Media and Video SEO

With a well-developed, attractive and responsive website, the possibilities are unlimited for the success of your business.

A website is today’s marketing tool, replacing (to a very large extent) or supplementing phone directory ads, newspaper advertising, radio spots and direct mail campaigns. The return on investment of the initial cost of a website is continual. A well-developed, attractive website grows your customer base, boosts your advertising and marketing strategies (often at much lower costs) and gives your business effective and professional credibility.

Our basic, affordable websites provide the following information about your business and so much more:

  • Who you are, when you started and what you.
  • What products and/or services you offer and payment options.
  • Where you are located and how to find you.
  • What others are saying about your business with testimonials from customers and clients.

More and more people now are using the Internet to purchase products and to gather initial information about products and services. Going to a website is easier than visiting a store or even making a phone call. Customers get the information at their convenience.

No need to wait any longer – social media marketing is here to stay – see what we can do for your business!

Social media is everywhere – Twitter and Facebook are brands recognizable by everyone – and its influence is expanding. Social media packages are an integral and increasingly expected element in today’s marketing campaigns. A business plan without a social media strategy may be void of a component vital to the growth and success of your company. Your presence online has the potential to introduce new customers to your business and build brand awareness.

Investing in a customized social media package is a wise decision for business exposure, lead generation and larger bottom line. It requires a commitment that may take away valuable time you need to run your business. Why take on that huge responsibility yourself?

We can help with our offer of several social media marketing packages. These packages are dedicated to social network development, content research specific to your industry, regular updates and performance monitoring; all of which are crucial functions to a successful program. We work with you to determine which package is best for your business goals and your budget.

Video is the most powerful marketing tool on the web. Here is why it enhances SEO and benefits your website.

Video provides very persuasive input to the visual and auditory systems of our brains. A person requires emotion to make decisions for choices and actions. Studies have shown that over 80% of people say they are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video promotion. Search engines are always looking for content that is engaging, informative and often entertaining – determining whether a website is worth a high ranking and more exposure.

The clearest benefit to adding a video on your website is that it provides content that the search engines seek. There is nothing quite like a video to enhance the engaging quality of your site’s substance.

Video effectively builds trust and credibility for your business. Video allows you to be more familiar and in tune with viewers. You can reinforce your message with “buzz” words and images that boosts your product or service and encourages “action” on the part of the viewer. One of the best things about video content is that it can be posted on YouTube. While video can dramatically increase your website’s visibility on all major search engines, few businesses take advantage of YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine.

Custom Website Package

Custom Website Package

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media

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Video SEO


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Need Something Extra?

Logo Design or Social Media Set-up?

While we pride ourselves in our straight forward - no surprise approach to providing a website for your business, you may need something extra! Perhaps additional pages or a logo design or a set-up for social media and online business directories. Here are other services we offer to help make your online presence a success:

  • Logo design – $75.00
  • Additional pages each – $75.00

Website Redesign?

In today’s economy, it has become more difficult to find a cost effective way to promote a small businesses. An updated online marketing strategy can begin with a website redesign for your company. Let's talk - our affordable rates give your current site a professional fresh, new look. Contact us for details - our redesigns are priced to please!